Our Philosophy

The primary concern of the firm is the final consumer who will get one of our products, to feel secure and assured that will be satisfied both in the overall impression and in gustatory level, while in the same time will be sure of its high nutritional value.

We have three main allies for this aspiration:

1. Our long standing experience in organic farming of a variety of products in our privately owned area which is imparted from generation to generation.

2. Investment in young people who have the -know how- and the pleasure that the fresh organic product needs in order to arrive safely and immediately, from field to our table.

3. Our great conviction that organic farming is the only nutritional safe outlet for a better future in our planet. Every day, new prospects are opened, new ideas are granted and more new workers come to our family.

Except for its operational role, BIOKARPOS has also an important social and cultural role. Because of its area, its products, its people.